Ultimate Grip

With its automated grip technology built into the outersole, Gripforce is the safest alternative for any surface, regardless of weather. Why choose between normal shoes or spiked shoes when you can have both of them in the same shoe ?

Adaptable Design

With our insightful and patented stealth technology, you can easily adapt the outersole to any type of ground you are walking on simply with the flip of a switch. Why compromise with safety in order to look good ?  Gripforce offers the world´s first intelligent winter boot for those who want to be stylish yet not limited to weather.


Crafted from the uppermost premium materials, Gripforce does not compromise between functionality and style. The design is Scandinavian. Only the highest grade sheepskin fur, full grain leather and suede qualify into our production.  The outersole material being super soft even in extreme cold temperatures is developed by a state of the art elastomer expert company based in Germany.  We solemnly swear:  Its hard wearing.  Period.

The Story

For 16 years I was the CEO of a Swedish company that produces and markets footwear and clothing. Last summer I decided to leave the security of a steady employment to devote myself fully to realizing this dream. What once started with an inability to get up an icy hill in the Alps and a rough idea sketch on a napkin, is finally ready to be brought to market. I have worked extensively with several different engineers to perfect the Gripforce technology, and put a lot of my earnings and even more of my time, into development. After 12 years, and seven generations of prototypes, the R&D phase is complete and we are ready for manufacturing. My team and I are very passionate about the mission of helping people stay safe in the winter…

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The Technology

Gripforce is a dual-purpose boot that is as safe to wear on glistening ice as it is on hardwood floor. With a convertible sole and retractable studs, the patented Gripforce technology can transform a boot into an ice cleat in less than a second, simply, with the flip of a switch. This advanced functionality is disguised on the inside of the sole, creating a discreet boot tailored for every, and any, occasion. A Nordic innovation, engineered from our unwavering expertise of extreme weather conditions.

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Gripforce is actually two shoes in one.  The convertible sole and its retractable studs powered by your own bodyweight may very well revolutionize the way we look upon winter footwear from now on.  -A true game changer.

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This is the innovative and unique technology of Gripforce.  Come and see for yourself