The Story of Bertil

Story of Bertil

I have always been intrigued by innovation.  Someone finds a solution to something that will make life better, or more fun, or more comfortable, more safe, or simply more enjoyable.

Think of all the millions of inventions that mankind has made, from the wheel to the cogwheel.  From the steam engine to space rockets.  It’s really mindboggling.  What if I could contribute to something like that ?
I am passionate about living a life filled with energy, fast paced, and with lots of opportunities and challenges rolling up in front of me, like road signs passing by.  I love to take on a challenge and wrestle with it, pretty sure I will finally overcome it, and make something good out of it.

I love living !!  And I love to interact with people who loves to live. We affect each other.
Most importantly, however, like so many others, I many times ask myself the question, how can I contribute to a better world around me ?     How can I give and share my energy, and my soul to people around me instead of extracting energy from them?
I want to do good for others, I really do. I want my world to be better because I was there.  If you are not making someone else´s life better then what purpose do you have in life?  Really?  My life will be better because I have made someone else´s life better.

I guess that’s why I have developed Gripforce.  It is a superb innovation.  It has been the greatest challenge in my life to complete…..(- ever !) ,- and …. I really do believe Gripforce will make a better world for thousands of people, if I can prevent them from slipping and falling badly on icy grounds because of this product.  I truly believe this is a complete game changer in winter footwear.


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Gripforce offers long lasting products for your comfort, safety and protection, not to mention GIVING YOU A  CHOICE. Constantly in motion we require flexible gear that adapts to our active lifestyle. Single-purpose gear simply doesn´t work anymore. That is why Gripforce is two boots in one: A regular boot, while at the same time being a spike / cleat boot.