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GripForce Technologies AB

Grip Force Technologies is a company who have spent over a decade developing a complete new type of winter footwear product, entirely unique in its own standard, which will most likely be a game-changer in terms of footwear being specifically designed for protection against icy, snowy or slippery surfaces.

Winter days can be wonderfully sunny and sparkling or they can be cold, raw and damp.  Whatever the weather, the ground we walk on during winter basically have two conditions: – Either it is slippery or it is not slippery. To discover the difference “the hard way” can at best become a painful experience that will pass, and in worst case can become a straight ticket to the hospital…   Nobody finds a thrill in falling and hurting themselves, yet every winter, thousands and thousands of winter experienced people throughout the world, seek medical care for accidents related to falling on icy surfaces (usually treacherously hidden under a fine layer of thin snow).   Why is that, when we have stores throughout the country filled with footwear with stationary studded outersoles, or with rubber band stud applications that can be put on and off whenever needed?   The answer is quite simple: -It is annoying and awkward to walk with studded shoes when it is NOT slippery outside, -and it is even more awkward, almost on the verge of being acrobatically strenuous, to pull on and off the rubber band applications in time before it is too late.  Therefore, one tends to skip all that and simply take our chances….

Imagine if there could be a shoe with metal studs built into the sole, that could be “switched” ON and OFF, as many times as you would like without any struggle or effort?  Imagine the design of this function being so discrete that you would not have to advertise to anyone, that you actually wear a shoe equipped with studs?  What if this function was automatic in the sense that you did not have to switch the system on or off all the time?   With such a shoe you could walk all winter, no matter what surfaces you encounter.  You would definitely feel a lot more safe and confident whenever, – out of the blue, that sudden icy and slippery surface would appear beneath your feet.

Guess what? We have actually created a solution to all this in a fantastic shoe that we believe will have a huge demand in all winter countries out there.  It has taken us a very, very long time to develop but now it stands here on the table, -ready for action !

It may very well revolutionize the way we look upon winter footwear from now on.  Stay tuned for the introduction of Gripforce winter footwear. Probably the best winter shoe ever built.  Warm, comfortable, and with an automated and completely unique outsole filled with active mobile studs for your ultimate protection.

–“It’s a Gripforce day out there

The Story of Bertil

I have always been intrigued by innovation.  Someone finds a solution to something that will make life better, or more fun, or more comfortable, more safe, or simply more enjoyable.

Think of all the millions of inventions that mankind has made, from the wheel to the cogwheel.  From the steam engine to space rockets.  It’s really mindboggling.  What if I could contribute to something like that ?

I am passionate about living a life filled with energy, fast paced, and with lots of opportunities and challenges rolling up in front of me, like road signs passing by.

I love to take on a challenge and wrestle with it, pretty sure that my stamina and self-determination will finally overcome it.

I love living !!

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The Story of GripForce

It all began in 1986, in the harbor town of Busan, Korea, where I was working as a footwear production apprentice in the liaison office of a Swedish trading company.  The office was manned with 5 people including myself.  Upon our weekly discovery tours for new products and innovations, we found an interesting “claw” that the user could flip in and out underneath the outsole. The objective being that this “claw” in its flipped out position would bite into ice and snow.  When flipped into its cavity again, the shoe would serve as a normal shoe.

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Gripforce offers long lasting products for your comfort, safety and protection, not to mention GIVING YOU A  CHOICE. Constantly in motion we require flexible gear that adapts to our active lifestyle. Single-purpose gear simply doesn´t work anymore. That is why Gripforce is two boots in one: A regular boot, while at the same time being a spike / cleat boot.