When you turn the knob on the side of the sole the regular boot transforms, and the cleat-system is activated. The activation allows the cleats to emerge and push down into any ice or snow using the weight of your body. When walking on hardwood floors such as asphalt, the cleats stop at the bottom edge of the sole because your bodyweight can not push them through the asphalt.  Therefore, even in ON-mode, you will always have the complete outsole in contact with the ground enough for you to get the traction required by the underlying material. This intelligent and automated system enables you to use the boots on all types of surface materials, always getting the perfect grip.

Gripforce’s world-patented technology enables the spikes to protrude from the sole in on-mode, pushed down by the weight of the user’s body. In off-mode, however, the spikes stay inside the sole. This is possible due to the outsole being either flexible (in on-mode), or rigid (in off-mode). Two worldwide patents protect the technology embedded within the sole.

Quality & Testing

Crafted from the uppermost premium materials, Gripforce doesn’t compromise between functionality and style. The design is Scandinavian, defined by simplicity, elegance and contemporary attention to detail. Only the highest grade of sheepskin fur, full grain leathers,  nubucks and suedes qualify into our production, enforcedly making Gripforce the best winter boot around. The materials are both waterproof and naturally thermostatic, keeping the temperature of your feet close to that of your natural body, no matter the temperature outside. This allows you to wear Gripforce both inside and outside, always with the uttermost comfort.  The functional properties of the outer sole has been thoroughly tested in testing laboratories, however, it is the everyday use in real life that counts !  Sweden is a country covered by snow for a very very large portion of the year.  We have successfully tested our gear close to the polar circle in extreme temperatures for many a mile in real outdoor conditions.

Watch the video

This is the technology of Gripforce.  Watch this video and see how you can easily convert a normal sole to an ice cleat in less than a second, simply with the flip of a switch